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Oat Milk - 6 liters GB

Oat Milk - 6 liters GB

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(6) 1-liter cartons


Get the best of all worlds, a great tasting organic milk alternative that you can actually drink and enjoy! Pour yourself a tall cold glass and try it for yourself.

Oat milk is, at the moment, one of the most popular replacements for cow’s milk. It is made from steel-cut oats or whole groats, blended with water, and strained.

Usage Tips

Great straight, on your cereal, or blended into your favorite smoothies. Wherever you use milk, use Oat milk, and use it with confidence! You will love the creamy taste and texture! 

One word of caution: the texture of oat milk can change when heated up–becoming thicker and a little gelatinous. You don’t really notice it when using it as a dairy alternative in your favorite recipes. Where you will notice it, however, is when you use it in a drink such as hot chocolate. One trick is to add more water, and heat it up before placing in the blender with your oats.

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